Week 15: Reflection

Since I am graduating I will not be taking Web 2. However, I have found taking Web 1 has widened my knowledge in adobe products and has allowed me to learn how to code my own portfolio website. I do not feel I have enough knowledge though to take on any clients. I also do not think I have enough design background to professionally design a clients website. I do believe that the knowledge I have gained by being in Web 1 has made me a more well rounded employee for businesses. If there ever comes a time a fellow employee needs help coding I may be able to help, but otherwise, my coding days end here.


Week 13: Resume

Alexiss Sylvester


Highschool Diploma | May 2010 | Louisville HIgh School

  • Outstanding Senior Woman
  • Top 10% of the Class

B.F.A | May 2014-In progress | The University of Akron

  • Major: Fine-Art Photography
  • Minor: Art History and Commercial Photography
  • In the National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Honors & Awards

  • Dean’s list: Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014
  • First Place on a photograph in the Algonquin Mill Art Show

Skills & Abilities

  • Experience in Photoshop, Lite Room, and Dream Weaver


Visual Tech | Victoria’s Secret | April 2012-present

  • In charge of store visuals including: windows, marketing, and visual displays
  • Order materials and merchandise through zero-on-hand
  • Track sale reports and manage promotional checklist emails
  • Photographed high client shopping events 


Celebrity Cuisine | April 2013

  • Photographed local businesses for the Celebrity Cuisine’s website 

Week 11: My Portfolio Site

With the design of our portfolio sites slowly drawing closer I’ve been visiting many examples to get ideas. My main goal for the portfolio site is to showcase my work from my fine art photography project. I believe my target audience is going to be possible clients who would want to fund a specific project or even people who just want to buy a piece of work. I also want to link my portfolio site to my facebook page which showcases my commercial work. My portfolio should showcase my work in an organized yet interesting way, but also give viewers some background information on me and the work I have been producing. I hope once the design is underway my site will accomplish all my goals. 

Week 10: Reflection

Now that the first project is done I can say that designing for the web is very difficult and frustrating. When I started with my design, I thought what I was doing was going to be easy. As I worked on this project I found I was extremely wrong. The hardest part for me was getting pixels to line up with proper spacing so containers and asides would float correctly. Then when I started to work on the navigation buttons I was unsure on how to break them up instead of having a navigation bar. I also had a fade in my design background that was hard to mimic in the CSS. I have to say I did learn a lot from the homework, and problem solving helped get my first project to where it ended up. I think this first project also helped in my midterm, because I knew what I needed to do to correct any problems I was having. Now that this project is done I think I will be changing the layout and design I plan to use for my portfolio site. When designing my portfolio site, I think I will keep CSS and HTML in mind so I am more aware of proper spacing and how to create the design I am looking for.

Week 8: Portfolio Site

For this assignment I looked at a few different photographers portfolios, but was not impressed with how they looked. Many of them had the images presented as a slide show, which meant waiting to get through the whole thing to see if you’ve seen everything. So I decided to check out museums portfolio setup. Although it is not one persons entire portfolio they do present the information and photos in a nice way. I chose MoMA because I like the grid system they use that allows the viewers to pick which image they want to enlarge. Another thing I like about MoMA’s website is the viewer can choose if they want to view the work on a black or white background and if they would prefer thumbnails or a slideshow. Giving the viewer the choice allows options and really makes the portfolio dynamic.



Week 7: Networking

After looking through my classmates blogs, I found that Alyssa Myers talked about a common aggregator many people use. I had mentioned Pinterest in my post a few weeks back when speaking of an aggregator, but was not sure how valid it may be to other people. When Alyssa mentions that Pinterest is used on a daily basis, it is most certainly true. I get on everyday to scroll through the humor section to send pins to friends. As she mentioned it is nice visiting fellow pinners boards to keep up to date on style, food, and entertainment. Each picture posted is linked to the manufactures website and at times other peoples blogs. As an aggregator it is very successful in linking its viewers to many sites.